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What is OG in football? Remedies? To help readers understand this issue, expert 90jili will share it in the article below.

What is OG in football?

OG in football is the abbreviation for the English phrase “Own Goal,” meaning self-scored goal. This term describes the situation when a player puts the ball into his team’s own net. This usually occurs when the player tries to block an opponent’s pass but accidentally causes the ball to go into his own net. In this situation, the goal will not be counted for the player who scored the own goal but will be recognized for the opposing team.


In the history of football, there have been many famous cases involving one’s own goals, some of which changed the outcome of the match and brought severe consequences for the team and the player who scored the goal. Although it sometimes brings a sense of misfortune to the players, their own goals are also an indispensable part of football, clearly demonstrating the uncertainty and surprise of this sport.

Handling the situation after the Own Goal occurs is extremely important. The team needs to recover quickly and refocus on the match. Support and encouragement from the coach and teammates will help the player who scores an own goal overcome the pressure and return with a positive playing spirit.

How to calculate OG Goals in soccer

When 188 jili O/U experts discuss scoring for OG (Own Goal) goals in soccer, it is important to remember that points are not awarded to the player who put the ball into his net. . Instead, this goal will be credited to the opposing team’s account.

If a player accidentally or intentionally scores a goal into his team’s own goal, no points will be awarded to the player or his team. Instead, points are awarded to the opposing team, whether or not a player touches the ball.

There have been many situations in the past when OG’s goal led to undesirable results for the home team. Although this is an integral part of football, it is also one of the most complex and challenging situations a player can face.

Consequences of OG

In many cases, an own goal can change the course of the match, affecting the morale and overall results of the home team.

Football is a sport where one goal can completely change the match’s outcome. When a player scores an own goal, the change is not just about the score but also about the team spirit. The team may experience a loss of confidence, team spirit may decline, and the squad may suffer.

The psychological consequences of recording OG can also be huge for the player who commits this action. They may feel sorry for their teammates and home team, leading to decreased concentration and performance.

That’s why recording OG is always something any player wants to avoid. Although they always try their best to protect the goal, in football, some situations cannot be predicted, and OG is one of those situations.

Remedy when OG occurs in football

Mental focus

After an Own Goal occurs, the team needs to focus immediately and not let this situation affect their playing spirit. Players also need to stay calm and focus on the next match.

Change tactics

The coach can consider changing tactics to compensate for mistakes. Adjusting players’ positions or changing the style of play can help the team create new attacking opportunities and prevent Own-Goal situations.

Good cooperation

Players need to strengthen their coordination with each other to avoid misunderstandings that lead to their own Goals. Providing information and supporting each other during the competition will help the team avoid unwanted situations.

Intensive training

After the match ends, the team must thoroughly analyze the causes of the Own Goal and practice intensively to overcome the discovered weaknesses. This helps the team become stronger and more confident in the next matches.

Spiritual support

For the player who caused the Own Goal, the team needs to provide moral support and encouragement to overcome this unfortunate situation. Encouragement from the coach and teammates will help players be more confident and not be haunted by mistakes that have happened.

Above are shared about what OG is in football. The information provided above is for reference only. We hope that through this, you will gain helpful football knowledge. Regularly visit 188jli to update the latest news!

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