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Futsal is a sport that is no longer strange to all football players. This is a sport that has a similar gameplay to outdoor football, but requires extremely high dexterity, technique and physical strength. Therefore, this playground always has fiery and dramatic matches. Therefore, let’s learn more about this leading Futsal playground with 50JILI.

Futsal Overview

Futsal Overview

It can be said that this is one of the sports with attractive and dramatic gameplay. The playing field at this playground is somewhat more compact than traditional football playgrounds. Along with that, there are limitations on the size of the field, players and rules of the game. This is also one of the highlights that makes this sport different from the rest.

The phrase Futsal is understood as one of the abbreviations of the Portuguese word “futebol de salão” which is translated as indoor football. Most athletes when participating in the competition will need to understand the rules of the game and how to implement this sport. From there, it can be the foundation to help players participate in the competition more confidently.
Next, we will learn together about the format and rules of this sport, to be able to gain an overview, and have the best possible gameplay.

Futsal field deployment rules

Most of the table tennis courts, football or any other sport. We will have different rules and operating procedures. If we grasp this information, this is the opportunity to help us be more confident in winning.

Common rules of play in Futsal

If you understand the rules of the game and the format of the game, participants will be more confident in their individual implementation style. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the popular rules today.

  • Game time: Different from traditional football fields. Futsal has a game duration of 15 to 20 minutes for each half. The matches depend on the format of the game or the ability to make up for lost time in each half. We will have the most fixed and accurate time.
  • Participants: The teams consist of 2 teams, with 2 goals stretching from right to left with a field 35-40cm long and 20-25m wide. Arranged with 4-5 players depending on the size of the field and the way the tournament system is deployed. But there will always be 1 goalkeeper and 3 or 4 other players to be able to play the game.
  • Substitution: Each player in Futsal matches can be changed at any time depending on the coach’s strategy. At this time, depending on the regulations of each competition format, the right to substitute can be unlimited or a maximum of 3 players.

Prominent positions at the Futsal field

Prominent positions at the Futsal field

Futsal football field is only different in terms of field size, number of players and playing time. The remaining important key positions range from strikers, midfielders or defenders. All have the same operation as traditional football.

  • Strikers: These are players who take on the role of attackers. With skillful skills and explosive speed, their task is to take on the task of finishing the ball towards the opponent’s goal. Strikers in this field are also specifically divided into 2 wings: center forwards and wingers.
  • Midfielders: These are people who have the ability to connect the ball from the lower line to the upper line. Create a circle of coordinated connection to achieve the defensive or offensive intentions of the coach. The midfielder position in Futsal football is one of the main and important wings.
  • Defender: The defender’s task is extremely important and urgent. Defenders will need to create a solid foundation for the goalkeeper, limit dangerous tackles from opponents and ensure the best defense for the home team.


It can be seen that the information about Futsal sports betting brought to everyone today is extremely valuable. This information will partly support those interested in Futsal football to have a more general perspective.

Hopefully, the Futsal football playground will develop more and more and have more players, the most prestigious tournaments to create more competition and appeal to this sport in the future.

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